American Bible Society, Museum of Art and Design, American Folk Art Museum (sort of) and Russian Tea Room

It was not as hot as it could have been but hotter than it seemed, as we attempted to knock out Midtown West. We began the day at the Museum of Biblical Art. It was one room, filled with leather-bound antique Bibles and a little-known 15th Century Siennese tryptician. There was a second room. It contained this: Image

Then the guard made a gross threesome joke.

Katherine and I sat with another museum-goer outside. Image

Here’s a better shot of him: Image

This is hard work! We took a break and went to the Russian Tea Room because everyone should eat $20 eggs.Image

Are the bears drunk? Celebrating Glastnost?

We then went to the Museum of Art and Design. Doris Duke’s living room had been recreated, there was an exhibit of glass goblets, including one whose stem was a dragon, leading to the quote of the week, “How do you blow a dragon?” and…. wait for it… the same violent video game artist riffing on the the theme of a group of Native Americans massacring a European settler. Primo gift shop, and we got in free thanks to Katherine and Duncan befriending a docent at a dinner party.

We tried to go to the American Folk Art Museum, but it was closed as they installed a new exhibit. The gift shop was open, though, and a book and a ipad cosy were purchased. Allison had been to the museum at its previous location. Does visiting the gift shop count as visiting the museum? To be discussed.

One disappointing element: we noticed, as we walked to the Russian Tea Room, the existence of the Rose Museum at Carnegie Hall. But on the other hand, the Municipal Art Society does not have a gallery, so we’re even.

American Bible Society: 3 stars

Russian Tea Room: 3 stars

Museum of Art and Design: 3 stars

American Folk Art Museum Gift Shop: 3 Stars


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