National Museum of the American Indian (New York branch)

log: 8/26/2012

Katherine entered an episode of “Portlandia” and had gone to visit her CSA. Duncan and work to do and Allison hates camping, but we took a little break from working and hating camping to visit the National Museum of the American Indian (New York branch).

The museum has two things going for it: it’s free and it’s in the old customs house. A majestic building, one suspects that the customs levied went to good causes like afternoon cocktails and fresco painters who were in-laws of customs officials. The exhibits themselves are organized by region, and the cases are shiny, as are the beads. Monolithic stelae rise from the floor to give voice to quotes by native “knowledge-keepers” who double as basket weavers.

The mandated modern-art section included native crafts with modern materials and modern crafts with native materials and one very violent video game of a group of Native Americans killing Caucasian settlers. The gift shop was quite adequate, and we debated purchasing a fetish, but decided we had too many already.

3 Stars


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