Brooklyn Transit, or Duncan Drives the Bus, and the Brooklyn Historical Society

September 22, 2012, Allison and Duncan

The New York Transit Museum is located, aptly enough, in a subway tunnel. There is an active third rail throughout, which seems like an unnecessary liability, though when we questioned the museum officials, they thought it was necessary because… well, unclear. Highlights of the museum were the antique subway cars, which were about as comfortable as modern ones, and an exhibit where we got to turn on the nuclear power plant.
Duncan has no driver’s license, so, although he can sequence the human genome with his non-dominant hand, he cannot drive. It was nice that they provided a simulated driving experience for him.

Turnstyles through the ages is a fascinating exhibit.

Also there was this incisive expose:

Allison almost got us into real trouble:

The Brooklyn Historical Society was about to close, but we’re not sure that more time would have provided a better visitor experience. There were a bunch of old flags, old letters and old firearms. Then, of course, there was a dress-up room:

Doesn’t he look smart, ladies?

New York City Transit Museum: 3 stars
Brooklyn Historical Society: 3 stars


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