Madame Tussaud’s, Discovery Times Square, a little nauseated

November 4, 2012

Katherine and Allison

A planned trip to the Studio Museum in Harlem was derailed, like so much else, by Hurricane Sandy. So we went to the circle of hell that is Times Square to discover the Discovery Museum.

Allison is writing a novel about the history of the CIA, and still, the exhibit on spies was deadly boring (and spendy). There was a bug that was embedded in the heel of a shoe, though, and an animation of when the US almost successfully brough up a sunken Russian submarine. Also, there was a room where you had to jump over the lasers a la Vincent Cassel in Ocean’s 12.

In retrospect we wondered if shouldn’t have gone to see the Harry Potter exhibit.

And yet… Madame Tussaud’s.

Allison will admit, with embarassment, that she went to Madame Tussaud’s in London once upon a time. It was Katherine’s first time, and, you never forget your first time.

Question: Why was Gandhi seated next to Ernest Hemingway?

Here’s Katherine having a souful conversation with George Clooney:

Katherine and George

Here is my butt compared to Kim Kardashian’s:








For some reason, ice cream was on sale:


Discovery Times Square:          3 Stars

Madame Tussaud’s                    3 Stars



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