Fashion Institute of Technology, Forbes Gallery

The Fashion Institute of Technology, Forbes Gallery

11/17/2012  Duncan, Katherine, Allison

FIT was having an exhibit on preppy style, which was a little bit like going to brunch on the Upper East Side. However, we did learn that Princeton men wear beer suits, which are lightweight overalls designed to be worn over clothing and never washed. Never washed. Until 25 years after graduation. Never washed.

The Forbes Gallery is Papa Forbes’ personal collection, which consists only of hyperbolic and purple placards and homo-erotic oil paintings by Walter Stuempfig. The only possible explanation is that Herr Stuempfig was blackmailing the Forbes family for someone’s proclivities  for the love-that-dare-not-speak-its-name and forced them to buy his paintings, consisting of young men about to, in the midst of, or just after taking off their clothing.

There were 5 models of the The Highlander, a boat which… well, we’ll just let the placard speak for itself:

The fifth Highlander took more than three years to translate from dream and concept to reality. Reality, though, isn’t really an adequate word to describe what the soaring imagination and genius of her designer Jon Bannenberg have wrought. Though she was all business, the government in 1979 forbade any yachts as a business expense. But she proved so valuable to us, we kept her going out of aftertax profits.

Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that from Highlander conversations were generated more articles than from any ship since Noah’s ark and Christopher Columbus’ wee fleet.

A mesmerizing Rube Goldberg, silver ball installation saved the gallery its stars. Pictures were verboten, but similar contraptions can be seen here:

Fashion Institute of Technology        3 stars

Forbes Gallery                                         3 stars


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