Japan Society, Scandinavia House, China Institute in America, American Folk Art Museum

Japan Society,  Scandinavia House, China Institute in America, American Folk Art Museum

10/13/2012   Duncan, Katherine and Allison

Today was country day, except that the Korea Society is only open Monday through Friday, (Insert marginally funny gangnam style joke here).

The Japan Society had some lovely screens, but absolutely amazing toilets that are everything the rumors promise them to be. We have never felt so clean and fresh, pampered with tepid water aimed at precise degrees of pressure to individual points of genitalia, followed by a gentle air drying which made us realize that we have been going through life at a substandard level of genital freshness, and it turns out the douche commercials are right.

The Scandinavia House has a restaurant on its first floor and large-scale pictures of Iceland upstairs, where we would all like to go but probably never will.

The China Institute in America had inexplicably creepy busts, disintegrating vases, and commentary on the state of capitalism, unsurprisingly.

Who knows what this is.

The American Folk Art Museum was having an exhibition of shiny objects, which would have been fantastic, if we were ravens.

Japan Society                                          3 stars

Scandinavia House                               3 stars

China Institute in America                  3 stars

American Folk Art Museum                3 stars


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