Merchant House Museum, Museum of the American Gangster


Allison had wanted to go to the Merchant House Museum since she moved to New York in 1999. She had been prevented by pure laziness, but was finally moved to action by Duncan and Katherine. Duncan, being from the Continent, was unmoved by the house’s history, but all agreed that it would be an excellent place to live in a prime location. We were also disappointed that there wasn’t fake food in the kitchen, and thought the horsehair chaise needed to be recovered.

Museum of the Day award goes to the Museum of the American Gangster for its completely disorganized exhibitions of facsimilies of newspapers, an ignorant docent who went to the George Bush School of Truthiness (apparently the flappers and molls gave birth to the children of the summer of love?) and an interminable tour of the 20 by 20 foot space. It was capped off by a visit to the speakeasy contained in the theater next door, which looked like the back room of the theater next door. Here’s what we learned. The guy who built it liked bombs, Brazilian women and cats. And boobs. Now that’s knowledge you can use.

Merchant House Museum: 3 stars

Museum of the American Gangster: 3 stars.


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