National Academy of Design

National Academy of Design


It was closing in 15 minutes, but Allison snuck in, telling the docent about her project. He seemed appalled rather than admiring or envious. Inside, a lovely museum with an exhibit on John Cage (the artist) who is the same person as John Cage (the musician). If you were to imagine John Cage music on large strips of butcher paper, then you would be imaging correctly. Upstairs, a gallery decorated in the old-school way—dozens of paintings hung inches apart from floor to ceiling. Just when Allison’s eyes were glazing over…. Could it be? Yes, she recognizes the wispy oils, the elementary composition, the adolescent male torsos… a Walter Stuempfig!  Was he blackmailing someone at the Academy too?

And an interesting collection of self-portraits by female artists.


National Academy of Design                                        3 stars


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