The Drawing Center and Art in General

Allison, Duncan and Katherine

The Drawing Center and Art in General 2/2/2013

How’s this for coincidence? Allison was at the gym on Groundhog Day, watching the movie “Groundhog Day” on those little televisions that are attached to the machines that are supposed to take your mind off the crushing pain and humiliation of exercise. And then we went to the Drawing Center and they had an exhibit featuring multimedia collages of Groundhog Day and “Groundhog Day.”

Also, there was a schematic drawing of the Empire State Building as a single family dwelling. With an erotic garden.

A highlight was The Drawing Room, inside of which a sound poem was playing loudly. Here is Duncan lip-synching:Duncan and German letters 2

Art in General and the Musee Miniscule showed a collection of books which have never been borrowed from the Center for Fiction, and surprisingly comfortable bedbug purveyors bean bag chairs in which we watched an art film with tremendously high production values and a top notch score about Japanese aliens who come down from outer space to ride around on trick bikes in hoodies and breakdance.

The Drawing Center    3 stars

Art in General               3 stars


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