Noguchi Museum, The SculptureCenter

IMG_20130216_152128Noguchi Museum, The SculptureCenter, February 16

The whole gang: Katherine, Allison and Duncan (with special guest Sonalee)

It’s hard to write ironically about the Noguchi Museum. Really, it’s just mostly lovely, though there is a typo on the second floor. After spying it, Allison had to be forcibly restrained from marching to the desk and demanding that they fix it immediately. The garden would be lovely if it weren’t under its winter protective vinyl. We also discovered that counter tops make great sculpture. Bit O’ Trivia: Noguchi apprenticed with Brancusi. Another bit: he sometimes worked barefoot, which seems like a recipe for a black toe, if you ask us. We really wished we could touch the sculpture. Katherine decided she was going to create the wooden mold to manufacture Japanese Akari lanterns, which Duncan praised as an excellent use of the next fifteen years of her life.

The SculptureCenter was housed in a very cool building, a former trolley repair shop whose roof has been raised (by Maya Lin, no less) to include a glass atrium. But most of the sculpture was downstairs in the rabbit-warren, hide-the-body-here hallways. And then, oh joy! a film installation, which Allison sat and watched from beginning to end. Katherine observed that what Allison claims is a fondness for experimental art film is most likely an appreciation for the opportunity to sit that frequently accompanies these installations.

Here’s an artsy picture of an installation that could also double as a coatroom: purves

Noguchi Museum:          3 stars (plus a few more)

SculptureCenter:              3 stars


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