The Children’s Museum of Art

Children’s Museum of Art, February 18

Katherine and Allison

Because people who go to children’s museums without children are rightfully viewed with suspicion, we borrowed friends’ children (and friends) and visited this museum on a busy no-school day. Despite some moodiness post-nap (and the kids were a bit cranky too, ha!) we had a very successful outing. No one got the flu, and our eardrums eventually recovered.

Some cool things: the clay bar, where you can sidle up and order clay; the room with huge balls… we’ll just leave that one alone; and a huge circular sink that can be activated by foot pedals. Jen and Brooke posed with some of the permanent collection:

jen and brooke

Here is someone enjoying the museum:

photo 1

And here is how we celebrate Presidents’ Day:mt rushmore

Children’s Museum of Art                  3 Stars


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