Bronx Museum of the Arts

Bronx Museum of the Arts, February 22, 2013

Katherine and Allison

A lovely building in the South Bronx, conveniently located near where Allison was giving a reading later that evening. Lots of art naif, a photo project that captured Bronx residents in ten year intervals and a wicker-covered bicycle.

The highlight had to be the exhibit of Joan Semmel’s paintings, eponymously titled “Self Portait 1,” “Self Portrait 2,” “Self Portrait 3,” etc. Joan’s style varies from photorealism to abstract figures, but always includes the subject matter of Joan: clothed, naked, in a mirror, seated, standing, hair up, hair down, with glasses, pouting, smiling, head only, head and neck, head, neck and torso, entire body, in realistic color, in exaggerated color, in black and white and gradations thereof…

Bronx Museum of the Arts:                3 stars


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