Yeshiva University Museum

IMG_20130412_113320 Allison and Katherine.

This morning, we visited the Yeshiva University Museum, a collection of exhibits housed inside the Center for Jewish History on West 16th Street. They had a fetching exhibit of Ruth Abrams abstract expressionist paintings, a collection largely comprised of her work from the first half of the 80s. In addition there was a massive and expansive visit about the eruv, which is a sort of virtual/physical boundary established that permits Jewish people to carry things around within, even on Shabbat. To the left you see some examples of instant eruv. They just look like packets of cheap, brightly colored string to my untrained eye. Apparently, you have to have specialized Jewishness training as well as specialized legal training to be able to erect an eruv. I was thinking that the type of person who would become qualified to do this type of work must be the most irritating and exacting person possible: someone who combines a special interest in the particular religious constraints of Judaism with someone with a special interest in the weird constraints of the legal world. That must be a special person indeed. 

3 stars


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