Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Allison (and friends Jessica, Andrew, Siena, Maia and Jessie’s parents).

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is very far from the subway. Like, far. And they won’t let you in without a child, though they are apologetic about it. So Allison  waited for friends and their two children before exploring the premises. It contained, unsurprisingly, both taxidermy and fake food, but also a water park for toddlers. Children’s museums are petrie dishes, and Allison clutched her bottle of hand-sanitizer like a rosary during a demon attack. Kids seemed to like it; the older one cried, “Ancora!” as we left. Allison’s friends are Italian.



Brooklyn Children’s Museum     3 stars


Girl Scout Museum and the Korea Society


The mercury was hovering near 60 degrees when Allison and Katherine met up at the Girl Scout Museum. Our frigid welcome by the security guard (really, it’s your job to let us in; sorry if that’s inconvenient for you) was counteracted by the exceedingly warm embrace of the Girl Scout Museum docents. When they found out about our project, their joy knew no bounds, and our visit was live-tweeted. We’re now totally famous to those who follow the Girl Scout twitter feed.

We forgot to partake of the free cookies, but they weren’t thin mints, so….

Since it was so warm, we Citibiked it over the Korea Society. The one-room exhibit area showed traditional Korean boxes, which instigated a conversation about the free Korean pillow-making event being held that evening about which Allison and Duncan give no fucks.

Girl Scout Museum: 3 stars

Korea Society:            3 stars