Torah Animal World and MoCADA

Torah Animal World was everything we thought it might be and more. In the living room of a Hasidic Rabbi (well, three living rooms) it is a museum devoted entirely to taxidermy (to Allison’s horror) of all the animals mentioned in Leviticus. Sharks? Yup. Giraffe from chest up? Yup. Snake made into belt with snake head still on? Yes.

What a Facade!


Duncan gets friendly with a coelacanth.

Also in attendance that day was a family of Yiddish speakers (who could actually understand the welcome video, which was in Yiddish, natch) and National Geographic, doing a photo essay on… what else? Taxidermy. And Jewish World News 1, the television station you’ve never heard of who interviewed Allison as she wore the snake belt and waxed poetic about the impending closing of the museum and its contribution to the impoverishment of the outer borough cultural scene under the watchful gaze of the Rebbe.


A writer, a rabbi, and a boom mic operator walk into a bar…


Best museum ever.

After that amazing spectacle, we went to the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (“MoCADA”). It was closed. Again. The last time we went Duncan and Katherine were pulled over for running a red light on their bikes and fined $200 apiece only to find out it was closed for inventory.

Closed again

This time, we arrived via subway, only to find out it was closed for inventory. At the cost of $410, fuck it, we’re calling it visited.

Torah Animal World       3 stars

MoCADA     3 stars


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