A Wrench in the Works

Allison noticed a flyer for the Historic House Trust of New York. It contained over twenty historic houses, none of which we had visited. We had only 5 more museums on our list, and now we were confronted with another year’s worth of historic homes. (Duncan refuses to visit these; as a European he does not consider a home built in 1800 “historic.” And he hates fake food).

What to do?
Katherine admitted she was aware of the existence of these homes, but wasn’t sure she should bring it up. The following amendment to the rules of the Museum Project was proposed and voted on, winning by majority (with one member in abstentia).

Amendments to Rule 1:

  1. Historic houses must only be visited if they have the word “museum” in their names.
  2. Historic houses do not need to be entered to be considered visited. A photo in front of said house will suffice to count as visited.
  3. Historic houses can be visited by only one person and will still count as visited.

Because, come on.

Also, the Queens County Farm Museum is back on the list—but will be visited in conjunction with a Costco trip to ease the pain.


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