What museum should I visit if…

I’m hungry: Neue Galerie

I’m kind of just going for the gift shop: American Folk Art Museum

I’m overstimulated: Noguchi Museum

I’m under-stimulated: The Museum of Sex

I’m on a 2nd date: Fisher Landau Center

I appreciate yachts and a subtle seam of homoeroticism: Forbes Gallery

I need to break up with someone: Fraunces Tavern (beer!)

My parents are in town: Socrates Sculpture Park (followed by a Costco trip)

My artist parents are in town: Judd Foundation (book well in advance)

My friend from college wants to see the “Real” New York: The Tenement Museum

I love animals: Queens County Farm Museum

I hate animals: Torah Animal World

I want a please-touch experience: Torah Animal World

I want to travel a long way: Bartow-Pell Mansion

I want to ride my bike up a giant hill: Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

I want to visit the pre-eminent Himalayan collection in Staten Island: Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

I need a place to sketch tombs in delightful solitude: The Hispanic Society


3 thoughts on “What museum should I visit if…

  1. What museum should you visit when your friends are visiting from Italy with 2 small children? The Brooklyn Children’s Museum. 🙂 we are happy we got to share 1 of the many with you Allison.

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