About this project

This blog documents a pet project of 3 friends, Duncan, Allison, and Katherine, as they endeavor to visit every single museum in the five boroughs of New York. We started by pulling a massive list from the most trustworthy source known to new media, Wikipedia. The 3-star ratings were inspired by the exceptionally ungenerous  3-star reviews left for such well-known institutions as The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here is an example:

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.20.50 PM

Why is this blog called “This is a really serious piece? In the summer of 2011, the three of us visited DIA Beacon, where Franz Erhard Walther’s Action Pieces* was on exhibition.

When we got the giggles rolling around on the floor in a gray muslin snood, the employee (purple haired, pierced, combat-booted) said haughtily, “This is a really serious piece.” And so the concept was born.

*a selection of Handlungsstücke (Action Pieces) from the early 1960s, including the complete presentation of 1. Werksatz (First Work Set), 1963–69, from Dia’s collection. Acquired in 1978, 1. Werksatz comprises fifty-eight fabric elements, or “instruments,” meant to be activated by visitors to the museum, drawing attention to the body as material form. http://www.diaart.org/exhibitions/main/109



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